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All TREOS fuel tokens are anchored to the price of gold…

Stable Token

TREOS has a suite of three fuel tokens: TREOS Origin (TRO), TREOS Energy (TRE), and TREOS Fusion (TREOS), each of which is deployed separately as a proof-of-concept for the following token. TRO is introduced first, upon ecosystem launch.All TREOS fuel tokens are anchored to the price of gold in varying weights or denominations. This is what gives the TREOS online marketplace platform its functional stability, which in turn is transferred to the greater TREOS ecosystem and then to the new economy. Using a stable type of decentralised money in a digital marketplace overcomes a major drawback of using cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange or payment method by removing the volatility and guesswork from transactions and by creating a stable floor.

TRO, TRE and TREOS tokens are anchored to the price of grams of gold by universal consensus (with denominations being 1 gram, 10 grams, and 100 grams respectively). This is attained via a Parallel Value Tracking Algorithm (PVTA) and is executed by requesting data from a secure third-party server that interacts with complex platform algorithms in Phase 1, and openly by smart contracts on the blockchain in Phase 2.

By anchoring our Virtual Financial Asset values to the price of gold, we are utilising a schema that has proven to be more stable and less prone to price fluctuation and manipulation over the course of history. We do not accept the backing of commodities that then leave room for manipulation from those who control and direct the logistics, storage and access to said commodities. Our utility tokens are not qualified as securities, and instead, exercise their true worth in interactional functionality with multiple types of payment gateways in the TREOS ecosystem.

TREOS has created the ideal environment, backed by modern blockchain technologies with price-anchoring hard-coded into the system, in which merchants and users can come to consensus on value in a way that supports their own collaborative efforts. The pricing of TREOS fuel tokens is relatively stable; they are calculated via exchange rates between gold and the Chinese Yuan, as the price of gold in the Chinese Yuan does not fluctuate as much as other currencies.

By removing price volatility from an online marketplace fuelled by decentralised money, TREOS also changes the paradigm on what is construed as a profitable buy/sell transaction. Success of each participant is not gauged by the value attained for their cryptocurrency token, which can only have zero-sum outcomes for the buyer and seller, but is instead gauged by the overall health of the market ecosystem, and in return, the direct inflation benefits that are brought to the wallets of participants in a fair manner to reward their contribution. This is how TREOS generates a Universal Basic Income to qualified users using stable tokens. The health of the TREOS ecosystem is measured by the real-time tracking module on the marketplace landing page that displays the average completion times of token transactions, and these TREOS Virtual Financial Asset (TVFA) closing times are sped up by the increase of trading volume along the TVFA Circuit. We know that the future of blockchain is collaborative, and stable tokens are key to this.

By involving themselves in the TREOS marketplace, merchants and buyers are agreeing to an instant, universal consensus on the value of TREOS utility tokens. In this way, TREOS generates a community-owned marketplace that shares benefits with all contributing participants in a fair and stable environment fuelled by decentralised money. We agree with Mike Maloney’s epic quote: “Your true wealth is your time and freedom. Money is just a tool for storing your time, a container to store your economic energy until you’re ready to deploy it.” And in all of TREOS’s operational plans, we have maintained the real meaning and power behind real money.

There is a rational feasibility that at a time in the future, TREOS tokens will attain their own known value, irrespective of the gold price, as they gain their own universal consensus based on functionality, utility and mass adoption across all societal and economic strata. The growth of our large TREOS ecosystem with a stable and significant number of hourly transactions will contribute to this.


The marketplace is the core of the TREOS ecosystem and economy…


The Online Marketplace Platform at is the core of the TREOS Ecosystem and TREOS Economy. It is a place to set the precedence of our new economy for the people and a place for merchants and members to advertise their products and businesses.

 It consists of:

  • Member management system and dashboard
  • AML and KYC compliant processes
  • Affiliate marketing systems
  • Bounty systems
  • Merchant stores and product showcase
  • Performance-based ranking system for buyers and sellers
  • Special featured products area
  • TREOS Wish List
  • TREOS Fuel Store to buy and sell TVFAs
  • Advertising capabilities
  • Ability to integrate with partner APIs, software, and systems.

TREOS knows that the power of a complete economy involves online and traditional access to the financial ecosystem. Our plan for TREOS Point-of-Sale (POS) systems in physical merchant stores involve a rollout of 1000+ POS devices with TREOS branding, connected to our ecosystem, and compatible with our TFVAs. The rollout is planned for Malta stores using existing partner-merchant facilities to be upgraded, along with our own TREOS POS systems, and then will progress to worldwide adoption using a variety of partners.

Placing the TREOS Ecosystem on the counters of local stores will achieve the following:

  • Traditional merchants being their own bank
  • The ability for Traditional merchants to accept many different cryptocurrencies
  • Fast integration of an alternate payment method using simple devices
  • Access to advanced systems, including inventory or sales system integration
  • Being on the forefront of the blockchain revolution and showcasing ground-breaking, new technologies
  • Access to a new consumer base by tapping the existing cryptocurrency community
  • Introduction of a new, stable unit of exchange
  • Returning to a Gold Standard
  • Access to an innovative TREOS Atomic Swap Function
  • Maximised TREOS branding with public-facing logos and branded take-home receipts

TREOS plans to fulfil the current need for cryptocurrency ATMS, starting out in Malta and then progressing on to encourage worldwide adoption. Our TREOS ATMs will allow members of the public to easily:

  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency with fiat
  • Interact with all ATM Nominated TREOS Regulated VFA Tokens – TRO, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and DASH.

We plan to have TREOS Kiosks situated in key public locations, such as shopping centres, malls, airports and central thoroughfares. The locations would be chosen based on high demand for remittance services, such as where there are high numbers of economic migrants or tourists. The key objectives of a TREOS Kiosk are:

  • Provision of cryptocurrency services to the unbanked, foreign workers and others that is economical, fair and convenient.
  • Provision of international transfer of decentralised money using a KYC and AML compliant process.
  • High-security kiosks equipped for holding funds securely prior to and following transfers.


The ecosystem includes our marketplace, POS, ATMs and remittance kiosks…


The TREOS ecosystem includes our online marketplace platform, point-of-sale (POS) devices, automatic teller machines (ATMs), remittance kiosks, e-commerce merchant plug-ins on existing merchant websites, and a variety of other payment gateways, linked by our own TREOS Virtual Financial Asset (TVFA) Circuit.

The speed of competition times on this circuit linking payment interaction points is a measure of ecosystem health and mass cryptocurrency adoption.

The decentralised TREOS Ecosystem is designed to be compatible with, and then eventually supersede legacy financial systems. It is made up of TVFA interaction points that are actioned by ecosystem players along the TVFA circuit. Our TVFAs (TRO, TRE and TREOS) are TREOS Utility Tokens that are ‘decentralised money’, and the increased flow of TVFAs along this circuit, in turn, increases the trading volume of those same TVFAs.

Being stable tokens, our TVFAs do not see much price fluctuation (each anchored to the price of gold), however, the growth variable in our TREOS ecosystem is reflected in other ways that reflect the overall health of the whole.

  • The speed of ‘Average Completion Times’

This ecosystem health can be monitored by a real-time tracking module on the marketplace landing page that displays the average completion times of TVFA transactions inside the ecosystem across:

a)    A one-day period

b)    A one-week period

c)    A one-month period.

These average completion times are directly linked to the quantity of TVFAs flowing through the VFA circuit, and the performance of this circuit creates the infrastructure of the TREOS ecosystem.

  • The quantity of TREOS payment services and merchants that join the ecosystem

TREOS ecosystem consists of:

a)   The TREOS Online Marketplace Platform: At, which includes Marketplace Merchants

b)    TREOS POS Network: Traditional Merchants running point-of-sale devices

c)    TREOS ATMS: Cryptocurrency automatic teller machines

d)    TREOS Kiosk Network: Remittance booths

e)    TREOS eCommerce Network:

f)      TREOS Administration: Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

g)    External TVFA Processing Points: External Cryptocurrency Exchanges, the TREOS Cash Reserve, External Wallets, and parts of TREOS infrastructure such as TREOS Eco-Swap (our atomic swap function), and later TREOS World Reserve.

h)    TREOS users: Cryptocurrency and Fiat Customers and TREOS Holders.

The below figure is a representation of the TREOS Ecosystem which includes various players, payment gateways, utilities and institutions. The players pictured include: a TREOS Holder, who is a Registered Member of TREOS that holds a TREOS Utility Token in their wallet; a Fiat Customer, who is a user of the TREOS two-way ATM Network holding fiat currency that they use to purchase TREOS Utility Tokens or other approved cryptocurrencies; and a Crypto Customer, who is a holder of approved cryptocurrencies which they use to purchase products from a Traditional, Marketplace or eCommerce Merchant by utilising TREOS services, which in return provides the merchant with a stable TREOS Utility Token.

Figure 1. The TREOS Ecosystem and TVFA Circuit

Payment Gateways pictured include: Merchants – Online & POS linked to the TREOS Marketplace icon, which represents Traditional, Marketplace and eCommerce Merchants hosting TREOS services (such as Point-of-Sale devices, Marketplace stores or listings, or payment plug-ins for their eCommerce websites); and ATMs & Kiosks, the icons of which represent TREOS two-way ATMs and TREOS remittance kiosks, both of which accept TREOS Utility Tokens as well as other approved cryptocurrencies and fiat.

Utilities pictured include: TREOS Atomic, which is the TREOS EcoSwap technology that instantly converts approved cryptocurrencies to TREOS Utility Tokens and vice versa; External Wallet & Exchanges, that represents a TREOS holder’s UBI Wallet used to supply the ecosystem with TREOS Utility Tokens, and also Private TREOS Wallets (or those on external exchanges) used to purchase items directly from merchants; and TREOS Ltd, which is the TREOS administration that serves the people and the ecosystem by performing fiduciary duties required (in order to supply TREOS Utility Tokens for Bounty Programs and Affiliate Programs, balance the supply of cryptocurrencies within the ecosystem, and supply a cash service to merchants in the early stages of adoption).

Institutions pictured include: Crypto Exchanges, that are bodies external to TREOS where Crypto Customers could alternatively purchase or store cryptocurrencies, and where TREOS Ltd also utilises services in order to balance supply of cryptocurrencies; and TREOS Cash Reserve, which is the audited financial service and holdings of fiat currency used to provide exchange services to merchants for easy liquidation of tokens, and also provide capital for servicing the ATM and remittance kiosk networks.

A typical example of how a player may utilise the TREOS Ecosystem are as follows:

  • A Crypto Customer may purchase products from a Traditional Merchant with a POS device, paying with a POS Nominated TREOS Regulated VFA Token, such as Bitcoin (BTC), which results in the merchant receiving an amount of stable TREOS tokens and the Crypto Customer’s bitcoin moving to its required destination within the ecosystem.
  • A Fiat Customer may use a TREOS ATM or remittance kiosk, paying with fiat currency and receiving TREOS Utility Tokens.
  • A TREOS Utility Token Holder may purchase products from an online eCommerce store that features a TREOS payment gateway.
  • A Marketplace Merchant on the TREOS platform may sell a product or service in exchange for TREOS tokens. The merchant then has the ability to purchase products from the platform, exchange their TREOS Utility Tokens for Marketplace Nominated TREOS Regulated VFA Tokens, such as Ether (ETH), or to utilise the TREOS Cash Reserve to exchange TREOS Utility Tokens for fiat currency.


Malta is at the forefront of blockchain technologies and is a world leader in creating groundbreaking legislations for this sector. TREOS has been incorporated in Malta, has Maltese roots and is being built in accordance with the recent MFSA regulations. The combination of the innovative TREOS ecosystem and the progressive laws of the country of Malta serve to provide a vehicle to truly create a new economy for the people.


TREOS is a new global ecosystem based in Malta that facilitates easy transactions with decentralised money. It connects an online marketplace, a financial institution, networks for eCommerce websites, point-of-sale devices, ATMs and remittance kiosks. This is enabled by a suite of TREOS Fuel Tokens in varying denominations, anchored to the stable price of gold to remove the volatility found in early cryptocurrencies. All transactions are validated on a transparent, decentralised public ledger.




Ability to grow and have a voice in the community through participation and voting rights.


Financial well-being is available through many avenues within the ecosystem. Explore all the opportunities.


Buy and sell with access to global e-commerce markets and the cryptocurrency market, both set for huge growth.


We support clear and fair MFSA regulation to allow transparency and trust, and to unlock adoption within other sectors.

World Change

We advocate for the people. Be a part of a movement set to open the door to global mass adoption of cryptocurrency and allow equal access to wealth regardless of background.


A stable token anchored to the price of gold is the fuel for our extensive ecosystem. This token, platform and ecosystem function together to effectively remove volatility and to create a highly effective global economy.

Inflation Breakdown

The TRO token supply will have an annual rate of inflation equivalent to approximately 5% per year and will be distributed using a unique, modified inflation algorithm. Distribution of minting rewards creates a Universal Basic Income and will occur once every 72 hours, with the full amount being distributed amongst all eligible wallets.


Inflation Breakdown

The TRE token supply will have an annual rate of inflation equivalent to approximately 2.5% per year and will be distributed using a modified inflation algorithm, following the proof-of-concept deployment of the TRO token. Distribution of minting rewards creates a Universal Basic Income and will occur once every 72 hours, with the full amount being distributed amongst all eligible wallets.


Inflation Breakdown

The TREOS token supply will have an annual rate of inflation equivalent to approximately 1% per year and will be distributed using a modified inflation algorithm, following the deployment of the TRE token. Distribution of minting rewards creates a Universal Basic Income and will occur once every 72 hours, with the full amount being distributed amongst all eligible wallets.

*TREOS token distribution will only occur upon mass adoption when the need for additional fuel supply becomes necessary to support the growing TREOS ecosystem.


Registered Users, Merchants, and Curated Merchant Partners all have the opportunity to benefit from their contribution to platform growth via our two main affiliate systems.

  • Referral Membership Affiliate System: Users receive commissions based on percentages of fees for the life of the referrer’s account, creating a passive income stream. Any Registered User can share their generated affiliated link to receive commissions generated as a percentage of TREOS’s listing fee.
  • Product Marketing Affiliate System: Members can receive commissions upon the sale of a Merchant’s products or services, with each Merchant having the ability to nominate a commission percentage (between 0% and 100% of net sale) to help market their listing. Affiliates can support products they love, or use their skills and networks to earn commissions every second of every day whilst helping the ecosystem and our Merchants to grow.


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